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Debate Meeting with Kurt Salmon and Neuflize OBC

On the 19th of June, the Forum d’Avignon gathered nearly 100 participants around the study by Kurt Salmon for the 2014 edition of the Forum d’Avignon:

Christophe Rioux, writer, economist specialized in cultural industries and journalist at the Quotidien de l’Art.

With interventions by:

  • Roei Amit – Director of Digital Technologies – Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais
  • Benjamin Benita – in charge of the digital presence at the Cité des sciences et Palais de la découverte and national coordinator of the MuseumWeek
  • Nicolas de Leudeville – Managing Director – Exponaute
  • Joël Ronez – Director for innovation and digital development – Radio France
  • Alain Sussfeld – Managing director – UGC Group

Instantaneity, hyper choice, innovation: is culture being “consumed” differently?
How the digital experience modifies the museums, performing arts, cinema, book and media’s publics’ behaviors?


Report of the debate

Exclusive: Overview of Kurt Salmon’s study – comparison of the “consumers”’ habits in China, the United-States, France and the United-Kingdom on the book, museum, music, TV, radio and cinema sectors. (in French)

Exclusive – Presentation by Kurt Salmon on the 19th of June - Instantaneity, hyper choice, innovation: is culture being “consumed” differently? (in French)

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