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D-Day: How to follow the #FAbdx?

The eighth edition of the Forum d'Avignon takes place on March 31st and April 1st 2016 at the Grand Théâtre in Bordeaux. You can follow the debates and discussions in real time.

It is this Thursday, March 31st  that will start the eighth edition of the Forum d'Avignon. The chosen theme for the 2016 edition, "Enterprising culture" aims to promote the involvement of all alongside artists and creators.

Read "Enterprising culture", by Laure Kaltenbach and Olivier le Guay for the Forum d'Avignon.

During two days, seven sessions will lead to discussions and debates between personalities from different fields: researchers, cultural industries stakeholders, public authorities and artists such as Amadou Ba, Michel Hazanavicius, Manuelle Gautrand, Raphaël Pichon, Plantu, Gary Shapiro, Cynthia Fleury, ORLAN, Bertel Haarder, Yael Naim, Michel Onfray, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, Ouided Bouchamaoui, Thomas Paris or Sana Ghenima.

Find the complete program of the Forum d'Avignon @Bordeaux.

How to follow the #FAbdx?

For this new edition, the Forum d'Avignon settles a broad remote system to help you following the debates.

  • In video : all the sessions are broadcasted in live and free streaming on the website of the Forum d'Avignon.
  • On Twitter : follow the exchanges and participate to the debates via the hashtag #FAbdx
  • On the website of the Forum d'Avignon : Find every day of the Forum the studies, summaries of the sessions, the points of views of guest bloggers and journalists, videos from our partners and all the pictures of the Forum d'Avignon @Bordeaux.