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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon presents: NoMadMusic, an innovating platform for sharing and discovering augmented music, which makes repertoires such as classical music, jazz, or music of the world more accessible.   

What is your project/idea/start-up?

NoMadMusic, which started in 2014, wishes to include music into innovation, thanks to interactive contents. Thanks to its label (albums which received prizes from Télérama, les Inrocks, Diapason…), NoMadMusic made partnerships with prestigious artists, and developed a creative and funny app in order to create a loyal community, with strong interactions between the audience and the artists. NoMadScore, digital app for musical creation, was launched at the end of 2015 as a beta test version through an online composition contest, connected to the national Orchestral of Ile de France. The app will be offered in events or pedagogical versions, from rock to classical music, depending on the targeted audience. 

What is your current challenge?

Stimulated by the creation of its first CDI and the calls for projects awarded by the Orange Foundation and the festival Normandie Impressionniste, the company Digital Music Solutions needs funds for its development and research department, and to continue the development of NoMadScore, thanks to the feedback from the users of the beta version. The main goal now is to sell the app, in 2017. Digital Music Solution is also looking for support and mentorship from entrepreneurs of the French Tech Culture, to fulfil its ambition. 

What does being a cultural entrepreneur mean?

Being a “cultural entrepreneur” in 2016, it means refusing to see in the expression a guilty oxymoron and to be delighted by the new possibilities to see culture as a real laboratory for experimentation. It also means disrupting the codes to better understand and appropriate them, and constantly questioning your work. If there is one thing we learned since we started this adventure, it is the value of users’ feedback. Questioning your model to be as close as possible to the public’s expectation, and be connected: enterprising culture is a team work! 

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