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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: Blackdove, an online plateform which allows users access to the Blackdove Gallery of artwork for viewing on their own televisions or screens.

What is your project/idea/start-up?

Blackdove’s mission is to build a global art experience that is accessible. We have created a universal platform that connects people through art, enriching their life experience and expanding horizons through the diversity of human creativity from all over the world. For the first time, artists working in any country can reach collectors anywhere via the Blackdove platform. Blackdove utilizes the internet to allow users access to the Blackdove Gallery of artwork for viewing on their own televisions or screens. The experience is controlled via Blackdove’s mobile app for iOS and Android. Our curated, growing collection of Full HD art by emerging and established digital artists features innovative work by artists hailing from 25+ countries. These artists are often pioneering in their field, using new technology tools and writing code to push the boundaries of the visual art experience. We aim to bring this economical, innovative art experience to anyone who seeks it while at the same time building a royalty system for artists to be paid for their work so they can continue to fund their studios.

What is your current challenge?

Our biggest challenge is closing the gap between the legacy art world and the digital art world. Technology affords a great opportunity for exposure and consumption however the legacy art world is rooted in scarcity, this can present an obstacle for artists who are delicately managing their careers. We believe we have made strides to integrate fine artists into the Blackdove platform by offering a secondary path of exposure to these artists alongside digital art innovators that frequently share their art on the internet. In order to ensure the artwork has a proper display if desired, we have partnered with Samsung to bring to market the Blackdove Digital Canvas, 48” and 55” smart screens with the Blackdove Gallery integrated within. While we have taken the manufacturing to the experts in forming this partnership, we still face a considerable hurdle in activating a significant user­base for these dedicatedartdisplays. The app addresses the global mass market which we hope, in time, will spread the work of these artists widely enough to activate a certain segment of users who wish to have a dedicated art display in their environment.

For you, what does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

At Blackdove we are asking the question: how can technology contribute to a cultural discussion? Being a cultural entrepreneur means stripping away the boundaries of country to create a unified human experience through the arts. We can only hope that bringing people together through the modern, artistic expressions of digital art impacts daily life in a very tangible, real fashion. It is our intent to provide the technology required to make it easy for anyone to experience how living with art changes everything.

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This project is part of the Forum d’Avignon’s on-going work, in line with its 2015 agenda, on the ‘hybridization of economic models in cultural and on the manifesto on cultural entrepreneurship in creative industries (to be published soon).

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