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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon would like to introduce: Balades-Créatives, company from Reunion Island which uses performing arts to help discover the gems of Reunion Cultural Heritage.

What is your project/idea/start-up?

From our creation on June 2015 by Benjamin CLEMENT, Balades-Creatives quickly became the hotspot for both nature and spectacle lovers. Balades-Créatives is the first company from Reunion Island which uses performing arts to help discover the gems of Reunion Cultural Heritage: its nature, history, music and its unique lifestyle. Driven by the will to use Reunion tremendous identity (sic) and authenticity as its fullest, our structure offers to create « spectacle-walks » for people of all ages, staged and animated by professionnal artists. In a « spectacle-walk », the Spirit of Reunion can be grasped through various emotions, staged by « artists-guides » casting their sweet madness.

What is your current challenge?

Since June 2015, we launched three « spectacle-walks », which helped us to win a contest rewarding the endorsement of a more social-and-solidarity-driven economy. Our mind and energy are aimed at creating of new walks and enabling new talents from Reunion Island to be born, from disadvantaged neighborhoods to the scenes of spectacle. Spectacle-Walks appeal to locals as well as to tourists. Following the launch and concept-test validation phase, we want to:

  • create spectacles-walks on every main areas of the map
  • train a theater troup of talented young artists
  • turn artistic creation investments into profits
  • evolve beyond the critical first three years

We see Balades Creatives as an opportuniy to fulfill locals potential by using structures and methods that can be used globally. 

For you, what does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?

The figure of the cultural entrepreneur is a person committed to « create processes of « serviceablization » of culture, in every of its steps : creation, production, distribution ». To sum up : a cultural entrepreneur achieves to perceive opportunities to start a company in the world surrounding him or a business opportunity in a given cultural field. Like the social entrepreneur, the cultural entrepreneur uses every theoretical and practical wisdom or knowledge related to entrepreneurship to allow his audience to experience a given cultural specificity. 

Crédit Photo © Benjamin Clément

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