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Next-up on our online cultural entrepreneur series, the Forum d’Avignon presents: Art Lover Place, a start-up for art lovers, which enables to discover original and accessible art pieces, to exchange with the artist and to buy his work.

What is your project/idea/start-up?

The idea behind ART LOVER PLACE came from a double problem: it is hard for artists to become well-known, and it is hard for the public to find in one place a comprehensive overview of contemporary art.

From this point, we tried to imagine the best digital tool to answer this bilateral demand. This project relies on the creation of a human link between artists and the audience. 

The concept and the philosophy of Art Lover Place:

  • Create a social and local market place, completely free, dedicated to artists and art lovers.
  • Open Art Lover Place to all artists, whether amateurs or professionals.
  • Display for a wide audience the creations of our artists on the Internet, on our social networks and on the future app "My Stream Art"
  • Display locally and regularly through our different partners a selection of representative local artists.
  • For art lovers, Art Lover Place is a way of discovering accessible and original creations, to exchange with the artist and by his work. 

Our goals:

  • Create the “amazon” of Art, for the sale of original pieces (photos, paintings and sculptures) and fasten the circulation of artistic creation.  
  • Give the opportunity to Art lovers to get involve in supporting local artists
  • Become a talent scout and a connector of today’s artistic creation.
  • Eventually make the art market more fluid, with the creation of a quote and a second market for art pieces (resale). 

What is your current challenge?

Art Lover Place wants to disrupt the codes of the contemporary art market, and become the Amazon for Art!

For our digital innovations, we received a support from both business Angels and the BPI (Investment Public Bank) and we are currently in the process of fundraising 750k from passionate art investors. 

What does being a cultural entrepreneur mean?

Our values:

  • Engagement: we are engaged actor in art diffusion and sharing
  • Implication: Support artistic creation
  • Innovation: Use digital innovation to sell art in a different way

Our ambitions:

Support, display and make the contemporary art market more fluid by using new technology and being constantly in the process of innovation. 

Photo credit © ArtLoverPlace

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