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The summer webs series: we’re interviewing cultural start-ups – Contact us!

'Talent must be seen as a resource' highlighted Tibor Navracsics- European Commissioner of Culture, Youth, Education and Sport in his Forum ECIS 2015- Forum d’Avignon's partner.

Since July 2015 the Forum d'Avignon has undertaken a web series on cultural start-ups collecting weekly interviews of cultural entrepreneurs. The web series aims at reminding us that cultural and creative entrepreneurship stands at the heart of the Forum d'Avignon's DNA. Since its creation the Forum d'Avignon's studies and commitment have been targeting at easing the economic and social emergence of a new generation of cultural and creative entrepreneurs. And to highlight it as 'an economic fully-fledged stakeholder even though cultural and creative entrepreneurs are often neither taken seriously, nor sponsored by the State or the business world' as the Hearn's report reminded it in June 2014. 

Participate in a true mentality change. Creation can no longer been dissociated from its technical and economic production conditions. From bodega to workshop, from studio to factory, artists-entrepreneurs have never stop from integrating all the possibilities, to question and challenge them, to free themselves from them. The two cultures shock has always been fertile and this dialogue is not such new. Although these entrepreneurs still suffer from a lack of recognition form financial professionals, some people seem to have detected the richness and potential of their entrepreneurial projects : the Bpi France, the Catalan Institute for cultural companies and many others. 

With this gallery of projects from the whole cultural and creative sectors, the Forum d'Avignon wants to enhance- and give them a financial support- the comprehension of these exemplary steps and their contributions to innovation, which are related to their supplies, business models, legal statuses and social and collaborative actions. 

To participate and promote your cultural start-up on the Forum d’Avignon’s website : 

Please send to the address

-         A photo (website/founders/logo) in HD

-         A video link presenting your project

-         A short answer (2-3 lines, in English and French) to the following three questions:

  • What is your project/idea/start-up?
  • What is your current challenge? 
  • For you, what does it mean to be a cultural entrepreneur?