Cultural entrepreneurship

Life of an artist is no more bohemian life. Today, artist or creator's life means practicing several parallel activities: writing, giving performances,  teaching, creating self-production, and participating in co-porductions etc. Nowadays a different status is applicable for each activity: craftsman, writer, freelance, self-entrepreneur with different fiscal and social regimes that are sometimes incompatible with each others. Therefore red-tape become considerably complicated. 

Cultural entrepreneur. With 7 millions of jobs in Europe and 3,3% of the European labor force, cultural and creative industries are the 3rd European employer with companies that employ less than 3 persons for 60% of them. They employ on average more than 15-25 years old than any other sector. In France the characteristics of cultural employment are the sources of inspiration of a new social model: a high level of education (two third of the employees are bachelors), a non-salary employment that concerns 30% of the total employment and a multidisciplinarity through statutory combinaison of jobs. Furthermore 25% of the professionals working in culture earn replacement revenues. These employment specificities, combined with agility and multiactivity principles - in time and space - that are proper to creators, constitute a solid foundation to define a new social model.

Works by the Forum d’Avignon on cultural entrepreneurship



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Contribution: Enterprising culture by:

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