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"Creative imagination to keep dreaming about new opportunities", by Deborah Carter

Deborah Carter, Director of Sponsorship and Partnerships, PICNIC


Creative imagination to keep dreaming about new opportunities


How does Culture / creative imagination give you a reason to hope?

Culture and creative imagination are the engines behind all significant developments in history. I enjoy a culturally rich personal and professional life which is being continuously enhanced by new technology, new content, new distribution platforms, new art and artistic forms, and increased access to creativity coming from different cultures and countries. It makes it great to be alive!

Who embodies it the best?

Children. They see life in such an optimistic, curious way and are constantly in discovery mode. My own son and many of his friends come from mixed cultural backgrounds. Their interaction and collaborations result in the most amazing creative outputs : music, art, dance routines, silly songs, computer and mobile creations, dialogue. Dreaming about possibilities is so fundamental to creative imagination and sadly, adults quickly lose this ability. Not so for children.

What would be the personal initiative / project / work that embodies your reason for hope?

I derive a lot of hope from PICNIC, the organization for which I work. We are a leading European creativity and innovation platform. We care so much about the future that we are playing an active role in shaping it. We bring together multidisciplinary and cross sectoral groups of people to explore mega trends (such as the shift from top down to bottom organization and governance and the future of cities) and develop new concepts, projects, products, services and models. The fact that PICNIC is thriving and a vibrant freezone gives me hope that people do care about the future and want to play an active role in shaping it creatively and culturally.  

How would you like to pass it on to future generations?

I would like to pass it on through the further growth and development of the PICNIC platform. I would like to see PICNIC become a global, inter-connected movement in which each member is a walking, talking, living, breathing one-person creativity and innovation platform connected to others in an active global network. It’s all about connections that are carefully maintained.

Of course, I would also like to pass it on through my son and future generations in my family. A curious mindset which appreciates and fosters creativity and appreciation for culture is one of the greatest gifts that parents can teach their children. With that, the sky is the limit and the world is just one huge opportunity.