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The copyright has gone up on the stage at Cannes…is it going to come back down?

Web review - 22/05/2015

Despite the lead followed by the European Commission on May 6th (see the analysis of the Forum d'Avignon), and confirmed with an op-ed by the Commissioner for the digital economy, Günther Oettinger, issued in Le Monde on May 14th, the debate on copyright is still very much passionate – especially on the French side – and it continues along La Croisette (Cannes, France). In the meanwhile, studies, especially those by the German Institute for Economic Research on the relationships between copyright and innovation, and by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission on the impact of piracy, are shaking up conventional thinking.

The copyright on the red carpet at Cannes

On Sunday, May 14th, during the Cannes Film Festival, a debate on copyright – of which the European Commission announced on May 6th –that he would be the subject of a reform in the autumn, attracted professionals of the audiovisual sector. A synthesis.

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Putting cultural diversity at the heart of the digital age

Op-ed by the European Commissioner for Digital economy, Günther Oettinger, on the fundamental role of cultural diversity in the European Union and the key role of copyright for the creation in the digital era.

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Closing websites infringing copyright would be counterproductive

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is, as its name suggests, a laboratory in charge of the scientific and independent assessment of the various policies of the Union. Three researchers at the Centre published an evaluation of the policy of fight against copyright infringement, and ensure that the closure of the sites is unnecessary and counterproductive.

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Instead of locking kids up for piracy, give them more Spotify and Netflix

The head of the World Intellectual Property Association has firm views on what music and movie companies need to do to fight piracy. Francis Gurry tells that content companies are better off creating affordable, accessible online services than locking teenagers in jail.

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Click, property and value

A passionate, excessive, if not pathological relationship. French people have with the law, as with no other discipline, a tumultuous relationship, if not schizophrenic: one day rights are brandished as the absolute and life-saving weapon - the precautionary principle is then etched in the marble of the Constitution to protect us from the world coming and from its real dangers - or rather assumed; doing so can sometimes stifle innovation and risk taking, without which there is no progress.

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Photo credit: Yann Caradec