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Contribution: "TV series and cinema: Only a short step!" by Elisa Brotons


For several years, we have been the witness of a rise of the TV series productions, productions which look more and more like cinematographics'one.
Nowadays, it's the series Game of Thrones which is sweeping away the borders between these two universes.   


Progression of the genre
Born in the fifties, series have kept in growing and attracting an increasing audience. We have seen for ten years a real explosion of this kind of programs. Seen as commercial and cultural products, series are profitable and please the audience. As a result of this phenomenon, a real race to quality has been setting up and programs are more and more successful.
Previously seen as an inferior culture, nowadays, the status of these fictions is evolving and series are becoming a real phenomenon of society which is also competing with the cinematographic world.

TV series and cinema: face to face: the example of Game of Thrones
On the other side of the Atlantic, television recently got an unquestionable legitimacy, thanks to high quality production TV series like Game of Thrones whose quality is often comparable to cinematographic production.
Broadcast on HBO, innovative network and pionnnier in the programming of phenomenon and new series, Game of Thrones is the adaptation of a complex novel of the American George R. R. Martin published in 1996. The series stands at a cultural crossing between literature, cinema and televisual entertainment. The cinematographic characteristic of Game of Thrones is obvious with the means setting up for the production, the budget (approximately 60 millions of dollars for one season), the actors and extras, the shooting locations... Game of Thrones is nothing else than a film developing on several hours. Keeping exactely the plots of the novel, the series takes the time to explore in details this vast work, like Peter Jackson has done it with his adaptation of Tolkien's trilogy named The Lord of the Rings.

Thus, if the series knows a growing success, it's mainly thanks to this seriality and narration more and more appreciated by the televiewers, satisfied of this appointment. This development on a long period allows Game of Thrones to improve his complexity and to attract the curious. Announced for seven seasons, the series has not yet given away the surprise !

Elisa Brotons, Master 1 PCC Université d’Avignon 

 Photo credit : Vardhana Vunchuplou

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