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Contribution: "The Forum d’Avignon @Bordeaux seen from the web…” by Laure Pressac

If digital is a powerful tool to be informed and adapt quickly, it is also a way to deny the constraints of space and time. Of space, because it allows participation without being present. And time, as it preserves the material and opens a second time to think, re-read and prepare the future. Here the perspective delayed in time and space of a non-participant, 10 days after the meetings. What the Forum d'Avignon @Bordeaux spoke about? What to remember? What to do with it?

A part of the discussions has been devoted to data, the confidence to grant them, the legal models to invent to ensure transparency: finally, to emphasize the digital and related technologies require us to understand them to frame them better, to anticipate them to use them better. In a redesigned space: the Europe of tomorrow, which must put his brand and vision for the economic, cultural and political life on these developments.

Developments... and innovations: rewarding a cultural start up is to recognize and emphasize how this dynamic ecosystem brings wealth into cultural spaces, and helps us to reinvent ourselves in a hybrid business model, where ancient and modern are "cross-fertilizing each other". Time, freedom and risk would be the three words that summarize them. Such as  these numerous artists, who came to narrate, sing, draw, question, express themselves: as a proof that their multiple outlook is essential in the debates, the emergence of an understanding and an intention, a speech and various approaches, a dialogue.

All stressed the need to invest (in) the culture : to invade it, to possess it, to reshape it according to the issues and challenges that face our societies today, whether technical with surging algorithms; social or political, against the fanaticism and obscurantism that challenge us. "Fire carriers", eternal positive and curious minds, promoters of inclusive, persistent experimenters, rigorous inventors at the service of emotion and meaning, the actors of the cultural world have the responsibility to live culture in all its richnesses and values, "base of an economy and a sustainable society."

In the time of Twitter and of its 140 characters, if these days of debates lived at a distance had to be summed up, two words come to my mind: an injunction, dare, and an adjective, more than ever meaningful: together.

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A former consultant in transformation, specialised in digital and culture, Laure has led for two years the Strategy, Prospective, and Digital project at the French National monuments center. This public operator protects, opens to the largest audience and highlights about one hundred monuments in France, among which the Arc de Triomphe, the Villa Cavrois, the Oron Castle, the Montmajour Abbey... all of them to be discovered at

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