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Contribution: "Enterprising culture" by Isabelle Giordano

Being an entrepreneur means building. It also means deconstructing. Because you have to knock down so much prejudice, demolish habits and conservatism, before being able to undertake a project. To me this is even more true for the builders of the cultural world. Whether they are film producers, film directors, musicians or start-up founders, they all realized one day or another that culture in France was sometimes slowed down by opposition to change.

I have the opportunity with UniFrance to travel the world and face multiple experiences. There is probably no unique model. Only “best practices” and inspiring initiatives. Those could help us create links and bridges, so that the words economy and culture are no longer dissonant. From Nollywood in Africa, which reinvented a new cinematographic form of creation to the nudge given to cultural industries in England, we have a wide range of examples. We still have so much to do, from inventing to supporting, helping, guiding as best as possible the French entrepreneurs of culture.

This Forum in Bordeaux is one step more towards thinking and acting.

About Isabelle Giordano, General Director, UniFrance Films and member of the board of Directors of the Forum d’Avignon