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Contribution : « for creative big data » by David Lacombled, on Live Orange Blog

Big data. Billions of data and me, and  me, and me…In The Circle (Knopf), a novel that has not yet been translated into French, the American novelist Dave Eggers shows what paroxysms big data can lead us towards. Through a young woman’s irresistible progress within Circle – an ultra-giant of the Net, a blend of Google, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter – he shows how transparency through data about ourselves can lead to a dictatorship – a combination of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. But what is really chilling in this novel is that it is not set in some far-off future, but in a future that is so close it looks just like our present. It portrays a dystopia for our immediate future or our virtual present.

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A journalist by training, David Lacombled is a Managing Director for the content strategy at Orange. He is also president of the think-tank, The Villa Numeris and author of the book Digital Citizen (Plon).

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