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Contribution : "The anti-hero the creative series magic bullet " by Diane Touré

The anti-hero has become a so much promising component that “ the people choice award “ which rewards the best American series issued a new category for “ best anti-hero .First consecration; Walter White, the protagonist of the series Breaking Bad.



Breaking Bad: the universal evil.

Breaking Bad brings on stage the “breaking point” of an American middle class that sees his life changing because he was told of his cancer. [1]Walter White, the protagonist of the series, is the universal evil, Walter is characterized by stresses which take over some circumstances, namely cancer and a weak U.S. health system that does not allow him to receive treatment without money. It is the tension of events that causes the transforming and the use of illegality and that encourage him on the wrong way. The central point of the series is to put forward the banality and survival of the character in an environment that forbids him to remain what he was.  All moral concerns gradually disappear; the common man becomes, without scruple, a formidable enemy of a society which denies him any welfare. Walter White first and foremost represents the universal aspect of human violence and the viewer tries to accept or understand as its series creator Vince Gilligan so aptly puts it[2]: how Walter White went from Mr. Chips to Scarface?

The anti-hero, an added value of the cable channels

Because of their economic power on the one hand and some creative freedom exacerbated by competition, on the other hand, the cable channels have gradually  got away from constraints ,  like the regulations of the U.S. Telecommunications Commission (wireless) and American family association in defence of traditional values about the contents of major television networks. Evidenced by the successful series of the pay channel HBO, like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, True Blood or series like Breaking Bad on AMC or Dexter on Showtime Network don’t hesitate anymore to draw the central characters as defying all social codes and all morals.[3] "When you do the pay cable television, said David Nevins, President of the Showtime pay channel: you can afford certain things. And these things, it is the violence, sex and bad behaviour and I think the public looks at it  for the same reason that we produce it: to be in the forefront”. While cable television puts forward now sex with series like Masters of Sex, wireless channels try more innovative programs and in the mood of the times as The Killing on M6 announce protagonists with marginal characteristics.

Diane Touré, Master 1 PCC Université d’Avignon

Photo credit : Shawn Anderson