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A continuous stream of art on ikonoTV

Is it possible to democratize art? To make it accessible to all, freely, radically, and generously?

Technological and digital advances allow us to hope. Animated by this hope and desire, ikonoTV seeks to enable the public to meet and live in the presence of art works—what Malroux thought to be a happy experience.

Founded in 2010 by the curator Elizabeth Markevitch, ikonoTV is a high definition television channel broadcasting a continous stream of short films about art. Works of art from all eras and genres are presented without commentary or added sound. Through this concept in favor of contemplation, ikonoTV is developing a new language in the world of art—television becomes a virtual exhibition space made accessible to all.

In addition to broadcasting ikono films on televsion, ikono‘s website and blog supplement the visual experience by providing information on the art works presented.

ikonoTV is currently available in 22 countries of the Arab world, Germany, and Italy, broadcasting to a daily audience of  300,000 viewers.

In addition to its innovative content, ikonoTV produces trailers for temporary exhibitions and corporate sponsors as a tool for increasing visibility and association with the arts.

ikonoTV has also developed its own on-demand videos for the iPhone and iPad, giving anyone the possibility to collect a library of "moving postcards."


ikonoTV will soon be available in France.