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Catalyse Hackathon Forum d’Avignon : Animating a new cultural urban space

November 2013, 5th.  After the Forum d’Avignon RAW  in Essen (2013 October, 21th to 23th), the Forum d’Avignon launches its Hackathon on ‘Imagining a new cultural urban space’.  

As  in Essen and next year in Bilbao (2014 March, 5th), it is not research about practice, but with practice. Its results are thus not just texts and new theory, but also a proposal for a project implementation, for a new practice.

Pitch. How to find the leeway to reinvest culture in urban space when everything seems gloomy, in times of nourished individual and collective scepticism? How to involve and bring citizens and politicians together, when societal and community structures seem organized to resist change?

Statement. Long addressed in a dominant way, the relationship between cultural institutions and the "public" have been, in recent years, upheavals due mainly to changes in cultural consumption practices. The "public" today differentiates in many persons with plural identities, who take many and varied activities and make choices in the abundance of cultural offerings. The contemporary viewer claims more his own place and his right to speak in a personal relationship with cultural institutions – instead of being an anonymous part of the "public"

Methodology  to the specification and development of such a show-case for cultural investment stakeholders of the CATALYSE partners in Germany and Spain and France, European stakeholders from the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr 2013 as well as domestic cultural actors in Avignon in are invited.  

A collaborative approach has been chosen that combines bottom-up citizen participation (for example, managers from the Club des entrepreneurs du Vaucluse from Avignon 2013, November 20th) with curatorial exchange from France, Spain and Germany.   

Agenda  The Hackathon will be announced in the program as an integral part of the sixth International Meetings.  

  • November  : each team finalize the position paper and the presentation format 
  • Wednesday, November 20th: presentation of the Hackathon Theme to 80 entrepreneurs or institutions assembled by the Cercle des entrepreneurs du Vaucluse (in Avignon Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Thursday, November 21st :
    • 1 PM: The teams are already working while in the TGV. They'll be settled in the center of each wagon and will animate the train ride.  
    • 6:30 PM: Presentation of the task force themes and projects during the opening session in the Palais des Papes (5-7 minutes for the general presentation of the Hackathon and 5 minutes for the presentation of each team)
    • Start of the 24-hour work period : The treasury room, next to the Conclave room, is reserved for the Hackathon teams.
    • Friday, November 22nd : 6:30 PM: Presentation of the ‘Manifesto’ proposals during a session at the University of Avignon in front of 800 students and Forum d’Avignon participants.

Team which has carried out the position paper for the Forum d‘Avignon

  • Bernd Fessel (ECCE, Forum d’Avignon Ruhr), Jan Bunse (Germany), Jens Kobler (Germany), Sandra Kreutzer (student,  Freie Uni Berlin)
  • Alfonso Martinez Cearra (Bilbao Metropoli-30), Lourdes Fernández (Director of AlhóndigaBilbao) together with representatives of the Bilbao team (local partners: City of Bilbao, Fernando Pérez from AlhóndigaBilbao and Bilbao Ekintza) as well as artists Maria Salazar, Ibai Etxezarraga (Spain)
  • Olivier Le Guay (Forum d’Avignon) and the Forum d’Avignon team (France)

For more information : Hackhaton Catalyse Draft