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The next International meetings of the Forum d'Avignon will be held in Bordeaux on March 31st and April 1st 2016

Bordeaux to welcome the Forum d’Avignon in 2016

After six editions in Avignon and one in Paris, the Forum d’Avignon’s next Rencontres internationales (‘International meetings’) will take place in Bordeaux from the 31th of March until the 1st of April, 2016. The Aquitaine city was chosen for the rich and renowned of cultural scene as well as its thriving economy.

Hervé Digne – President of the Forum d’Avignon – is delighted by this ‘natural’ choice of the city of Bordeaux and he explains that « the 2016 edition of the Forum in Bordeaux will be the occasion to stage a new formula for these Rencontres to become even more international and creative, that will gather charismatic personalities who carry a vision and promote projects that develop the standing of culture within our European societies.»

Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux, welcomes this choice: « it is legitimate that Bordeaux, that represents a new cultural policy as embodied in the Document d’Orientation Culturelle* (‘Cultural Orientation Document’), hosts an international manifestation that traces tomorrow’s debate on culture, by favoring the dialogue with the economic sphere, with a focus on today’s decidedly digital context».

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage City, Bordeaux shares the Forum d’Avignon’s conviction that culture brings creation to an international audience when it is anchored within territories, the ensemble of professions and actors of the cultural sector.

The encouragement of links between culture, innovation and smart cities are becoming a reality in Bordeaux in particular thanks to the ecosystem called Darwin and in the future, the Cité des civilisations du vin (‘City of the civilizations of wine’). The bordelais (‘of the people of Bordeaux’) DNA is synonymous with creativity and an international cultural policy supported by a balanced urban development that takes into consideration the social, human and economic issues.

The international Meetings of the Forum d’Avignon will be the opportunity to deploy a cultural event at the heart of the city by associating and opening the debates between all professions in culture and territorial innovation (from architecture to cinema, from plastic arts to music, from video games to performing arts) and its representatives from digital industries and from other sectors of the economy.


Founded in 2007, the Forum d’Avignon is a think-tank and a place of international meetings for culture, for cultural and creative sectors and for their dialogue with the economic and digital worlds. Since 2011, the Rencontres internationales of the Forum d’Avignon have spread beyond initial frontiers, in Germany (Forum d’Avignon@Ruhr) and in Spain (Forum d’Avignon@Bilbao). The think-tank Forum d’Avignon notably popularized the fact that cultural and creative sectors in France represent 6% of GDP and directly creates 8 million jobs in Europe or the multiplier effect of cultural investment for growth and measured its role for cultural attractiveness. 


In seven years:

- 12 Rencontres internationales have been organized (6 in Avignon, 4 in Germany, one in Bilbao and on in Paris),

- 35 international surveys published in 3 domains :

  • Innovation and digital
  • Financing, economic models and tax system
  • Territorial attractiveness

- A bilingual website (in French and English) that offers daily analysis, studies and contributions on the fertile links between culture, economy and innovation.


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*Document d’Orientation Culturelle of the city of Bordeaux: