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Culture, financing and economic models

Intellectual property

Copyright Summit,  all the news on copyright worlwide. 

Digital Agenda, all the news on European digital agenda. 

IRIS, legal obervations of the European Audiovisual Observator.

WIPO, news and publication of the world intellectual property organization.

SAA, society of audiovisual authors.


Economy of culture

Economie globale, the blog of economists Xavier Greffe and Mathilde Maurel


Culture and attractiveness of territories


Exhibition & museum attendance figures 2010

Albertina (Vienne)

Centre Pompidou (Paris)

Cité de la Musique (Paris)

Collection Lambert (Avignon)

Munch Museum (Oslo)

National Gallery (Dresdes)

Opera (Oslo)

Opera (Paris)

Petit Palais (Avignon)

Le Palais des Papes (Avignon)

Prado Museum (Madrid)

Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid)

Salle Pleyel

Tarot Garden (Tuscany)

Thyssen Museum (Madrid)


Culture, digital and innovation


CNC, national centre of cinema, all the news on audiovisual and publications (study, survey,...).

COPEAM, permanent conference of the Mediterranean audiovisual operators.

Meta Media,  collective blog of France Télévisions under the coordination of Eric Scherer.

Scholè marketing, cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans l’analyse économique et la prospective sur les marchés innovants. 


Media and technologies

Ariana Hufftington

Buzz Machine,  blog of Jeff Jarvis about the media.

Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired. 

IDATE, marketing analysis and consulting firm on telecom, internet and media industries.

Mondaynote, blog - media, tech & business models - of Frédéric Filloux and Jean Louis Gassée , on the intersection of media and technology. 

Rough Type, blog of Nicholas Carr, on cultural implications of information technology.


Creative industries

2010LAB.TV, on cultural industries and attractiveness of the territories.

Compendium on cultural policies and trends in Europe.

InaGlobal review of creative industries and media.

L’Atelier Français, plateform for information sharing dedicated to cultural and creative industries. 

Tiffany Jenkin, blog of an academic, cultural commentator.

SACEM,  studies on the economy of music, audivisual, perfoming arts and intellectual property.  

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