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Big Data : cinema had already figured everything out

A book by Xavier Perret & Guy Jacquemelle, introduction by Stéphane Richard

Science fiction Hollywood movies like to imagine what our world can become in the next decades and sometimes forecasts disruptive social trends that have not yet happened. Can you remember Terminator, The Fly, The Night of the Living Dead, Minority Report, Matrix, Dead Zone. The data deluge, teleportation, the prevention of crimes that have not even been yet committed, time travel, augmented reality : All those movies have forecasted a long time ago what is now a reality in our new world of personal digital data.

Without even being aware, we generate tons of data : Internet search requests, mobile applications, our geotagged and geo-localized photos, videos and “likes” posted on social networks, our tweets , emails represent huge volume of data that leave digital traces behind them. Those billions of digital prints are named Big Data and constitute the new Eldorado for those who can analyze and understand them, who can discover their underlying secrets.

Through 11 movies, this book will describe situations that we thought impossible a few years back. It proved through many concrete examples that today we have gone further what we were promised on our personal data and this movement is accelerating itself. For the best, or the worst.

As a vision of the European cinema industry can differ from its Hollywood blockbuster equivalent, this may be the right timing for a new European vision of personal data management and data privacy, a vision that is at stake today within the BigData and Internet of things deluge, against a vision sofar invented by Web players who started to impose their own rules and business models.

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