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Ateliers de la Cité in Brussels


The creative city in the age of superdiversity

JANUARY 22nd, 2015

1:00 pm > 10 :30 pm

Théâtre National / Brussels



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Numerous European cities are microcosms where tens of languages are spoken everyday and where social dualization keeps on growing. As such, our cities gather all the living-together challenges in Europe. They also are the reflection of the world’s diversity and richness and constitute a fascinating laboratory for creativity and the emergence of alternative models and new practices.

Creativity and diversity are the signature of Europe. In the era of globalization and digitalization, it is about questioning ourselves on the place of the city and its cultures in the future mutations: which role for culture facing superdiversity and the digital development?  Isn’t the creative city a matter of survival for the cities of today?

1:00 pm



Welcoming and opening: Jean-Louis Colinet, Director of the Théâtre National

Urbanity, nationality and European identity

Making the city together in superdiversity (cultural, ethnic, social), the case of Brussels: Eric Corijn, philosopher of culture and sociologist, professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.


Smart cities, smart culture: user manual

At the time of globalization and internet, how should we rethink the creative city?

Round table led by the Forum d’Avignon:


  • Round table with Philippe Pestanes, Partner, Practice Leader Telecom & Medias - Kurt Salmon and presentation of the study by Kurt Salmon / Forum d’Avignon ‘Instantaneity, hyper choice, innovation: is culture being consumed differently?’
  • The new technologies and the creative cities: Pascal Keiser, Technocité, Mons 2015
  • and Thomas Paris, Researcher at CNRS, Scientific director of the Media, Art, Creation (MAC) program at HEC School in Paris.




Culture and superdiversity

Cities are undergoing tremendous changes: an increasing population, an economic and cultural superdiversity… Facing these challenges, which cultural projects do we want?

Round table led by Alexandre Caputo, Artistic consultant of the Théâtre National

Round table with Myriam Stoffen, Directrice de Zinneke, Fabrizio Cassols (sous réserve), Jean-Louis Colinet, Director of the Théâtre National, Jan Goossens, Director of the KVS, Paul Rondin, Deputy Director of the Festival d’Avignon, Françoise Bloch, Director, Benoit Piret, Actor and member of the Raoul Collective. 



Which challenges for culture in Europe in the age of globalization and superdiversity?

Debate led by Béatrice Delvaux, Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Le Soir.


  • Joëlle Milquet, Minister of Education and Culture of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Fréderic Hertogs, Managing Partner, Kurt Salmon.
  • Eric Corijn, Philosopher of culture and sociologist, professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Hadja Lahbib, Journalist at RTBF and Arte Belgium, film maker (subject to availability)
  • Philippe Van Parijs, Hoover Chair on social and economic ethics, University of Louvain




Contact for the Ateliers de la cité : 

Sarah Bouix - - +32 (0)2 274 23 52

Contact for the Forum d’Avignon : 

01 45 61 90 43 –

The Ateliers de la Cité

An initiative of the civil society stakeholders for the creative city as a factor of social cohesion and innovation:

  • To develop the conditions of emergence and appropriation of the creative city
  • To generate a new methodology of cultural and creative entrepreneuship
  • To propose concrete links between cities, metropolises and regions in Europe.

The partners: The Festival d’Avignon – the Forum d’Avignon – TechnocitéMons 2015the Théâtre National/ Brussels.

The first meetings:

  • 11th-12th of July 2014 at the Festival d’Avignon
  • 22nd of January 2015 at the Théâtre National in Brussels
  • Spring 2015 in Mons, European capital of culture
  • July 2015 at the Festival d’Avignon


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With the support of the Culture program of the European Union in the project Villes en Scène/Cities on Stage