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Discover the articles written all year long by students of partner universities and schools to prepare the 2011 debatesThey highlight the diversity of perspectives, approaches, always from the international standpoint characteristic of the Forum d'Avignon.



Ambitions and limitations of digitalization projects by Hugo Zylberberg, Ecole Polytechnique

Some personal thoughts on what culture is actually about by Johanna Valentin, Kaos Pilot

When the recording industry crossed Napster – and went its own way by Camille Rosay, Ecole Polytechnique

Art can change the city within 72 hours by Abigaïl Aron, HEC

Culture is future" or should we say, no culture no future? by Björt Sigfinnsdóttir, Kaospilot

Referencing, prescription of cultural contents - Europeana, can you help me find the right cultural information by Anna Cochi, University of Bologna