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Article - The Knitting Street : a women revolution in the world of Street Art

Diflect, recycle, transform, build the new based on the former: Here are the leitmotif of Street Art artistic movement. The object is considered as a renewal.

The Knitta Please, a group of knitters from Houston are behind a new aspect of street art: the "yarnbombing" ("urban knitting").

This community appropriates the urban landscape of cities to invest it during her journey. The Knitta Please try to dress up the city as we clothe a body: the city is a heart for which she’ll knit a wool tricot. Strolling usually at night, always accompanied by their mesh which becomes an ephemeral work: they clothe once affixed lampposts, traffic lights or stairs. Anything goes. The city is their playground, a canvas as a support to embroider.

The "street furniture" is their support as the walls would be for a graffiti artist. The difference lies in how the needles are expressed: no aggressiveness or withdrawal, but a smooth sour taste of "flower power". A pinch of feminine graces the street and his art in an artistic movement which prevailed until then did a majority of men with bombs. Urban knitting is a sub branch of street art and innovative response to a common core: the free, donating time to the street. Anyone can appropriate these tags wool ephemeral colorful, vibrant and bright, anyone can unravel at a street corner.

The practice of Knitting Street has intensified since been born and many other artists who also work the mesh, as our Avignon serial knitter, Kat's Eye.

These artists hook us breathe a little air of renewal and reinvent the movement, in the hope that urban places or objects experiencing a second life, a cultural arts.



A contribution of the University of Avignon, by Johanna D’Imperio.


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