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Article - BobRadio, webradio

Designed by two students of Sciences Po Paris, Pierre Brouder and Marc-Antoine Durand, BobRadio is a new webradio which was launched two weeks ago with its very first content on the web: “two-minute-bubbles” on many subjects written by about twenty students. Among the many contents on, students can find about 300 bubbles to help to prepare the “baccalauréat”. With already 150 000 downloads, the project has a real ambition: to provide for everyone “free and mobile culture”.

 Why creating BobRadio? Few elements on the technological context

A wind of change has blown on the audiovisual world. The technological revolution is radically transforming the use of the media which used to be static, linear and impersonal. Therefore, it changes the way we produce, broadcast and integrate contents.

The international market is transformed by numerous projects in order to run the conversion of the traditional media into their digital version and find new means to monetize this web presence, targeting the listeners-web surfers.

The dramatic increase of mobile connected services has durably modified the way we use learning tools and get information. The smartphones market, which is estimated at 17 billion dollars in 2020, will target more than 70 per cent of American people in 2012. It is interesting to focus on these users’ profile: they are between 18 and 44, pretty high educated and their income is over 50,000 dollars per year. Regarding their media consumption, they spend 124 dollars per month on average and more time on mobile applications than on websites, as it is the case for Facebook (380 minutes per month on facebook mobile application versus 270 minutes on the website), YouTube (33 minutes versus 5 minutes) or Pandora (250 minutes). Smartphones have become essential to their users since they quickly made them part of their daily habits.

Indeed, with the disruption initiated by new technologies and the emergence of connected services, the radio is doomed to become a medium of convergence. We will not listen to the radio through linear programs anymore: we will choose our favorite ones and listen to them here and now. We will not listen to the radio through a set anymore: we will prefer our smartphone, that is to say we will choose a mobile way of consuming the media. 

The time when content is « brought » to consumers is over: today, finding a way to make them go- and go again- for it is a core matter.

BobRadio, bubbles for curious people

The 2’ bubbles, emblematic products of the « here and now » radio

With already more than 350 bubbles on dealing with the French BAC but also with music, travel, history and many other topics, BobRadio aims at becoming the place to go for those who want to learn and feed their never-ending curiosity.

Today, it is considering each listener individually and offering him a universe of consumption adapted to his tastes and choices that is at stake.

BobRadio is going to change things by creating a player easy to use, which can be customized with bubbles on the web and application for smartphones.

BobRadio produces cultural and entertaining broadcasts and accompanies everyone all day long on the Internet or on smartphones, on podcasts or by streaming.

The bubbles are short and entertaining sound contents which can be uploaded on smartphones with the 3G technology.  Each of them is inspired by the personality of its author who freely chooses the tone and the form of his spots.

The audio bubbles are new tools in the web and mobile universe. As news flashes did for our relation to information, bubbles easily fit in our environment. They deal with precise questions and suggest synthesis on many subjects. You can listen to them easily anytime, anywhere without being confused. There are simple, useful, enduring, pleasant to listen and can be shared easily on social networks.

The simplicity and the efficiency of such a format has been noticed by several media groups which BobRadio is already working with.