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Article - Art is peace

Colombia has a bad image. Drugs, violence, prostitution and guerrilla, are daily topics for international newspapers. But there is a considerable effort from citizens wanting to change this situation.

MI RINCON "my corner", a series of "self-portraits" documentaries is an example. They were made ​​by a group of young people, who studied visual arts during three months for the creation and production of cultural products in Rincón del Mar, a Caribbean village in Colombia.

The production was made by Laboratorio Público, a non-profit organization whose slogan is "Art is Peace". They believe that art can be used like a a way to gain understanding between people. Laboratorio Público aims to imagine, implement and evaluate strategies that lead to social and cultural change. Each realization is the subject of the discovery of a new field, while maintaining a multidisciplinary approach. They combine education, communication and media to create ideas, concepts and new products for the educational development and peace in Colombia.

The project methodology was created by Llaima Sanfiorenzo Orbeta, a Puerto Rican documentary filmmaker. She works with this methodology in various countries in the world: Sahara desert, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Colombia. In the project "Mi Rincón", each participant creates its own facility in writing the screenplay, conducting interviews and taking the role of actors. Participants create their own superheroes, their fantastic stories, their life cards; carry out interviews recorded with cameras, coordinate role-plays of actors and actresses. They appropriate this activity completely and become real directors.

Beyond a simple art project, this training allowed the young participants to improve their communication skills. Several skills were honored: audiovisual narrative, teamwork through visual arts and new technologies.

Art creates love, respect, and social participation. The projects give hope, particularly in underprivileged areas.

These projects have the support of non-governmental organizations, the Ministry of Culture and scholarship programs. In the case of "Mi Rincón",  the project was made possible thanks to the support of Prince Claus Fund, Fund for Culture and Development.


A contribution of the University of Avignon, by Sasha Valdés


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