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APPOINTMENT - Hervé Digne succeeds Nicolas Seydoux as President of the Forum d’Avignon

Graduated from ENA, Hervé Digne chose to devote himself to the media industry after he quit the Minister of Finance. During 16 years at Lagardere, he took part in the worldwide launching of ELLE and held diverse managing positions, as Chief operating officer and publisher  of the Hachette magazines in France before launching in 1994 the internet activities and becoming the deputy of the Acting manager Arnaud Lagardère. Media advisor of the Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, also in charge of digital and cinema, he was instrumental in the creation of the channel France 24 and in the drafting of the law “TV of the future”, which organized the digital distribution of the free to air television. Since 2007 he chairs Postmedia Finance, a consulting firm in strategy and M&A in the field of the Media and digital convergence.  and since 2012 Chairman of Cofiloisirs, one of the two financing institutions for cinema in France. Involved in culture, he has been  Vice President and founder of the Forum d’Avignon since its launch , and is currently President of the Lambert Collection in Avignon for which he supervised  the donation of the collections to the State, and of the Cercle de l’Odeon – Théâtre de l’Europe. He is also a board member of UGC and Dailymotion.

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