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Antic culture and 3D: the Kheops pyramid construction theory

The French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, along with the Egyptologist Bob Brier have elaborated, in 1999, a theory regarding the construction method of the Egyptian pyramid.

In collaboration with the firm Dassault Systèmes, leader of the 3D virtual universes, the architect has created a reconstruction of the pyramid in 3D. To prove his theory, the simulation is total: the virtual reconstruction integrated the constraints (manpower, raw materials …). Hence, he justifies his theory regarding the construction methods of the Kheops pyramid. Jean-Pierre Houdin then realizes a discovery : two anterooms where were unknown from professional and public audience.

3D, an interactive experience by Medhi Tayoubi and Peter Der Manuelian, an INA video for the Forum d’Avignon

Kheops revelated, the secrets of the pyramid construction revelated in 3D