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Always further – The « Wilder mann » of Charles Fréger lives … across Europe !

Time, traces, and transmission: did Internet and the new behaviors resulting from digital technologies led to the loss of our traditions, practices and past rituals? Embodiment of the ultra-modernity, of the acceleration of exchanges and of the proliferation of information, between the communication tool and the trigger of social revolutions, Internet and the social networks seem to pose and re-pose endlessly the question of the group and the identity. But before positioning on this topic, have you ever encountered the “wilder mann” of Charles Fréger?
The work of Charles Fréger reflects these questions on the current socialization patterns, while the standardization of practices and communication ways is more and more criticized in favor of a return to a certain kind of authenticity. With his series “Wilder Mann”, realized across 18 European countries – from Austria or Croatia to Finland or Greece, the artist stages the primitive, the beast present in each individual, as modern as he may be. Result of an anthropological research on forgotten and surviving pagan myths, celebrating nature, seasons, birth or death, this vast cycle reinterprets the figure of the wild man and its meaning for and through the group. As a representation of the defaults, the fears and the otherness, the wilder mann of Charles Fréger allows a perception of the diversity as well as the likeness of the other, created by the group but remaining excluded from it.
From the web showcase of the richness of initiatives across the world to forgotten cultures, believes and images prevailing on our territories, there is a huge discrepancy. Through the wilder mann, fascination, fear, surprise and deep thinking guaranteed…

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