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Always Further – Which economy for catch-up TV services?

A Scholè Marketing study   (September 2011) "the economy of the catch-up TV" presents the future challenges of broadcasting in a connected world. There is a real audience success regarding catch-up TV, which allows an online  extension of channels offers, with dedicated and editorial platforms. A third of the population uses the catch-up TV on the following audiovisual markets : USA, Germany, UK and France.

Despite this success, the question of financing models is raised. Is it necessary to resort to advertising, subscriptions? If this sector is still a marginal economy for television, but profitable at the moment, the study examines the prospects of these new services with a big unknown: the development of connected television. Finally, the study makes a comparison between the United States, with an already highly developed offer , Germany, France and the United Kingdom.


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Credits: andrew harrer