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Always Further - When art becomes digital

art numériqueRéseau d’Arts Numériques (RAN) is the first International Digital Art network, It’s new economic development model in between art, sciences and technologies. It was created during the professional conferences of the « Festival des Bains numériques » at Enghien-les-Bains, from the collaboration of Universities, and partners of the Art Center. In 2010, an official agreement was signed by 30 members of this network; the goal was to create a sharing and mutualization principle that would help, exchanging, sharing and co-production in between artistic, scientific and industrial structures. It encourages the synergy in cross-over knowledge and skills and increase the national and international cooperation. This Digital network finds and defines structural tools, creating concrete actions to help on projects linked to art, sciences & technologies.

In order to be part of this network, there is some really precise criteria to match: the project needs to follow a specific orientation in the domain of Digital Art, you need to demonstrate that your digital creations & knowledge targets a diversify public. You also need to show that your competence, skills, knowledge can be shared and exchanged over the mutualization network. Finally, you need to show that you have enough logistic and financial resources.

The RAN created its first selection for Digital Projects in March.

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A contribution of the University of Avignon / Fanny Dulau