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Expressive footwear

This week, Adidas has just come out a new model of shoes with which it is possible, if you have a MacBook and some rhythmic skills, to make music. This product and the video that promotes it make of this event, an interesting one.

The product seems to be the commercial equivalent of the « Expressive Footwear for Computer » describes in a last article of the same section from Culture is future. But, this model poses the question of the commercial and communication uses of the urban culture. That culture which get more and more media attention every year.

Expressive Footwear for Computer – Augmented Dance Performance :

The communication is a video that shows four dancers, two of which are famous for their participation to a TV show, and also in Avignon to practice dance in the streets during the Festival. They are testing the shoes possibilities while a French rapper hold a discourse on the wide accessibility and with sets of graffiti and building under construction. All these elements show the will of popularizing a digital urban culture.

This process makes closer a culture, the urban one, and a realm, the digital technologies that are not usually linked. That product also poses the question of the creation of a culture practice by a brand. Indeed, even if the process was till visible in the realm of live performance, here is proposed a popularization of it.

Technical description of the process:

Link to the video:

Une contribution de l'Université d'Avignon / Baptiste ROL