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Always Further - PHŒNIX TV, international strategy of chinese television

phoenixtvChinese audience represents almost 20% of worldwide television audience. The international Chinese channels, who release information notably in China as well as in the rest of the world, can bolster on the present Chinese diaspora everywhere on the five continents.

It is estimated to be 50 million Chinese living aboard worldwide (except foreign employers and students). They want to know better the culture, language and policy of their original country. Televisions and Chinese production companies can therefore develop outside China by touching these Chinese living aboard and at the same time by touching a broader potential public of non-Chinese origin.

The television channel Phoenix, founded in 1996, is the first channel deprived in China who has the approval to broadcast not only in China but also in the world. Its growth is strong (from 15.3 billion HKD of sales value in 2009 to 25.98 billion HKD in 2010).

Its offices are everywhere in the world: Hong Kong, Taiwan, London, Paris, other European countries and United States, etc. With 6 channel in 2011(Phœnix Chinese; Phœnix CNE; Phœnix N.A.chinese; Phœnix movies; Phœnix infonews; Phœnix Hong Kong), it accumulates 300 million audience worldwide in 2011.

Phœnix TV distinguishes itself in China from other Chinese channels. It has considerable influence and provides the most liberal programs; particularly Phœnix news, which is viewed by numerous Chinese elites. The development of new means of communication (Cable, satellite, charging channel) was interpreted by the development of the Chinese home market and by the expansion of Chinese televisions in Europe and in United States. But the foreign media companies also want to develop in the Chinese market, where potential is high and development is just beginning. 


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A contribution of ESC Dijon/Xiaoning ZHANG