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Always further - new magic: between dream and reality

The show off continues. After circus’ metamorphosis that marvel us (LINK) and – at last – does not scare us anymore with its sad clowns, it is now time for traditional magic to renew itself. Initiated by Raphaël Navarro (Compagnie 14:20), the concept of « new magic » is not just a set of tricks but a real artistic performance. Magician goes past the traditional role to become a designer playing virtuously with lights and accessories. Poetic and touching.

New magic is a real artistic movement. This movement assembles several disciplines (jugglers, dancers…) and relies on new technologies. The French Compagnie 14:20 chooses for instance the hologram technique to modify the perception of real among spectators. Their shows traduce the interlacing of disciplines and create new artistic forms.

Synesthesia, mix of artistic disciplines are not new. In the Manifesto of the Bauhaus in 1919, Walter Gropius clearly asserts ‘the Bauhaus is trying to gather all artistic activities in a whole, to reunite all disciplines of applied arts (…) to create a new art to build in which they would all be indivisible components. The supreme goal, even far, of the Bauhaus is the global work of art – the major edifice – in which monumental and decorative will not be distinguished anymore.’ Then, association of arts is becoming a crucial way to create, especially in the dynamic of experiences, initiatives and surpassing of artistic pillars of each disciplines.

With new magic, imagination prevails, poetry marvels magic and instilled into a new aesthetics. The Forum d’Avignon 2011 was the place, in the Treasurer Room of the Palais des Papes, of a unique performance of new magic. The Forum d’Avignon, Raphaël Navarro and Philippe Fenwick, actor, writer and passionate traveler associated themselves to propose to the attendees of the Forum a unique experience where the reality of a speech, supposing to be universal becomes absurd and desegregates, at the literal sense. For the occasion, Philippe Fenwick took the role of an avatar called Sian Worna, linguist version retail brands, experts of new ‘forms of structuralism related to universalism” and customary of universal ‘globish’.

The result is disconcerting, mixing real and virtual, as a scam without the spectator noticing immediately what is passing from reality to dream. The effect is felt among the spectators, plunged in a in-between.

Dazzling reality which makes way to an infinite imaginary.

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Today, the Compagnie 14:20 publishes « Les Chants de la gravitation » (the songs of gravitation) , at the editions Entretemps. Michel Butor’s poetry, which unique text written for stage is here transcribed, is claimed with juggling, paintings, magic and video in the show  SoloS.

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SHOW AT THE 104, Paris

Dans le cadre de « Cʼ le Chantier » proposé par le Centquatre Z.O.U // ZONE DʼOMBRE ET DʼUTOPIE présente :
A T A V I S M E // prologue avant le départ de B R E S T vers V L A D I V O S T O K
une proposition de Philippe Fenwick

1983. Jacques Mercier, chanteur de music-hall au chômage, est prostré chez lui depuis plusieurs mois. Lʼhomme passe six heures par jour à écouter des bruits de locomotives, persuadé quʼil est au beau milieu d'une tournée en train à travers l'Eurasie. Dans la tournée quʼil sʼinvente avec le « Cabaret Korsakov », il suit Sonia, une
acrobate, et se produit avec elle tous les soirs. Après la représentation, il la perd de vue et la cherche. Depuis Brest jusquʼà Vladivostok, elle a toujours un train dʼavance...

5 rue Curial - 75019 Paris - métro Riquet à lʼintérieur du MONOLITHE // Compagnie 14.20
vendredi 9 mars 14h et 18h30 !!! séance supplémentaire ouverte au public samedi 10 mars 16h

Réservation indispensable auprès de Nacéra Lahbib
+33 6 28 28 86 04 /

Article of Philippe Fenwick in Libération, French newspaper :

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