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Always Further - Music - Grandcrew, concerts and online experience, low price and quality: a new business model ?

Founded in 2008 by Christopher Escalpez, a Franco-American music enthusiast engineer, the website Grand Crew offers hundreds of filmed concerts. This innovative project allows, after a simple registration, to (re)live concerts. Users, fans, artists, labels can download or stream concerts and music recordings, sometimes even broadcast live. The website proposes an intermediary between “concert videos produced for stars and videos recorded with mobile phones and found on Youtube”. Artists are selected for their artistic relevance: varied new talents but also well-known band. Christopher Esclapez described the project with one sentence: « we can see GrandCrew as a virtual concert hall that offers an enhanced experience. » His intention is to offer to the users an experience of live music, a social experience. To do that, GrandCrew focuses on the quality of the offer. The website proposes a editorialized and interactive service, including interviews of the artists, discussions between Internet users during concerts, interviews at the end of concert, and each month a selection of the concerts not to be missed with a Spotify playlist. The platform allows fans to discover new music and provides the artists promotional resources.

At the beginning, all the contents were available for free. Now it try to set up a sustainable business model based on the “freemium”, that is to say that some content is for free and some others concerts are not. “The idea is to develop a business model beneficial to all the protagonists. We come along on top of existing concerts.  And then we can remunerate all right owners. From the concert hall to artists and SACEM, everyone is paid". Different offers are available: HD streaming, broadcast live concert or not free downloads of songs or videos concerts, in its whole or song by song – For each concert or album, a free title is always offered. Although GrandCrew is focused on the sale of contents; it is working with more than 20 directors and has a real expertise in all aspects of video and music (musical production, videoclip, etc.)

The group works with musical labels and concert halls for Parisian and international events to build an important catalog of VOD and to set up shop as a distributor of concerts videos.  The concert halls seem to be more and more interested. But majors are often reticent to the project and impose a geolocation of the content (the video can be watched only in some countries) and a limited period of broadcast.

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