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Always Further - Les Rencontres “Baltic Sea region cultural actors: From trans-regional cooperation to European diffusion”

tallinIn the framework of Tallinn2011, the city hosted from the 9th to the 12th of June Les Rencontres – an annual event organized by the association of European cities and regions for culture - after Pécs, Essen and Istanbul in 2010. These meetings, for elected officials and cultural actors, take place every year in the European Capital of Culture in order to promote initiatives and cooperation between the different cities of the continent.

Drawing the historical and cultural context of Estonia, local and regional actions were presented. First, the discussions were focused on the cultural policies and arts of the Baltic. Then, the debates tackled the dynamism of the region and  broadcasting of arts throughout  Europe, as well as opportunities for cultural cooperation between local authorities.

Participants could also discover the rich heritage of Estonia, including the visit of the Kumu Museum and a concert at the Estonian National Opera, and the National Library of Estonia and the Von Krahl Theatre, where the meetings were held.

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