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Always further - Festival Elektra / Montréal

Festival Elektra

The Elektra festival of Montreal, an innovative platform for digital Art.

The spring of Montreal has beautiful nights in front of it. In early May, and for its 11th edition, the Elektra festival will highlight innovation in digital arts. Real platform for the diffusion and promotion of artists, the Elektra festival celebrates avant-garde experiments, sensational performances. Each year, amateurs and professionals, inhabitants and foreigners occupy the main electronic cultural places of Montreal.

Proud of a dynamic research on digital arts, the city intends to announce an ambitious prospective via Elektra, new consumption patterns and practices related to digital art.

Along with the festival, the IMDA, International Market for Digital Arts, has became a truly international network for investment and diffusion of digital arts. This initiative is a world first and allows imagining new ways to produce and distribute international artists at the forefront of artistic innovation. An European IMDA has since been created, representing an increasingly desire to support the creation of tomorrow.

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Credit : Peter Dimakos, 2006

A contribution of the University of Avignon / Laurie Vêpres