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Always further – Diversum, a label for cultural footprint

Diversum is a non-profit association founded in 2006 which promotes "cultural environment"- a concept recognized in 2005 by the United Nations as a cornerstone  of sustainable development  - and that defends the "values ​​of linguistic and cultural diversity". Diversum created in 2008 a label that can be given to institutions or firms if a part (25% or more) of their budget  is used as an investment promoting cultural diversity. It aims at increasing their awareness of their cultural impact and allowing them to highlight their values.

Diversum label is allocated according to the scale and scoring of the agency DiversumSAS, independent subsidiary of the association, for one year to any funding  which promotes  cultures' diversity. This subsidiary is specialized in what the association calls "cultural footprint", that is to say "a positive or negative contribution to cultural diversity" and is currently following the activity of 1200 organizations (in Europe and North America).


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Credits : Diversum