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Always Further - Dar Al-Ma’ Mûm, a promise to Moroccan art

Multidisciplinary center in the valley of Ourika near Marrakech, Dar Al-Ma 'Mum is a project designed “from the idea that culture is an agent of personal and social development". Original structure in Morocco, the site will include many cultural activities. A residence for international visual artists - drawing, sculpture, video, photography, performance –already welcomes four artists for 3 to 5 months. As part of an accompanying process, artists are followed by tutors, international professionals from the art world (critics, directors of institutions, curators, etc.). The center has also created partnerships with other organizations; thereby they can send artists abroad. As a platform for cross-cultural exchange, Dar Al-Ma 'Mum aims, at the same time, at strengthening the contribution to local economic and social development. The center encourages “strongly African artists to candidate" and art projects in collaboration with Moroccan craftsmen are favored. In the same vein, an exhibition center will soon open in order to promote the artists in residence and guest artists, both internationally recognized and emerging artists. 

This place will also foster many educational and cultural activities: lectures, demonstrations, workshops - to increase public awareness of artistic creation, but also a literacy program, an access to reading, a rediscovery of local heritage, etc. A library of 10,000 books in Arabic and French is already opened, specialized in the social sciences, literature and poetry and a research center of literary translation: "translation is an act of hospitality, it implies to welcome in his language a foreign text." It is already a great promise to artistic and social development in the region. The project will become definitely a reality at the opening of the building in 2010, extending over 4000 m².

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