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Always further - Culture, an essential pillar of sustainable development

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By Pascale Thumerelle, Director of sustainable development, Vivendi

Published the 26th of May 2011, in La Tribune

Synthesis : 

May 21th is now the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, announced by the UN, to highlight the link between culture and mutual understanding, knowledge and dialogue, access to technologies, information and fight against poverty. Cultural diversity is “fundamental for sustainable development of communities and nations” as mentioned by the UNESCO.

This day aims at increasing public awareness of the value of culture, pillar of sustainable development, and reminding that cultural industry is a way for us to encourage dialogue, curiosity and develop talent.

Vivendi contributes to sustainable development: since 2003 promotion of cultural diversity was set as a specific issue in his sustainable development policy by the group considering its impact on economic performance. For instance, through their broadcast channel CANAL+, Vivendi provides a large programs offer - including an extensive choice of movies; surveys show that 88% of subscribers were satisfied with this offer.

Cultural industries also have a social responsibility through stimulating creative capacity. Vivendi supports cultural diversity and encourages this diversity in creation for example by contributing to the reinforcement of production capacity and heritage preservation in Africa.

To achieve these goals, Vivendi provided different indicators for each branch of the organization: budget repartition for each music genre, languages, degree of investment etc… all indicators to be enhanced. Vivendi thus collaborates with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations to create a think-thank of institutional and private leaders. By gathering different but complementary expertise, our purpose is to integrate culture in well-being and socioeconomic progress measurements.

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