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Always further - Belgrade 2020, culture to transform the society

“Culture is the habit of settling only for the best, and it is alive as much as we are inspired by the wish to develop ourselves in harmony with its many shapes. Cities, much like their people, may live a full cultural life only if they help the others to live better. When we speak about Beograd’s application for the title of European Capital of Culture 2020, we speak, above all, about an aspiration, willingness and possibility to develop the life in Beograd” Mayor of Belgrade

Candidate to be one of the European Capitals of Culture 2020, Belgrade started this year the long preparation of the project. Events are already sponsored by Belgrade 2020. For instance, there are the exhibition "Art Dialogue” by Bozidar Plazinic marking the sixth student film camp "Interaction 2011", which was attended by 20 students of film schools from 17 countries and the organization of Berklee Clinics - Belgrade with 120 young Serbs musicians applying for the jazz Academy of Boston Berklee, which was the occasion for a great concert.  The application of Belgrade 2020 has already won the support of the cities of Banja Luka, Corfu, Viljnus, Perugia, Podgorica, Ljubljana and Sarajevo. 

Devastated more than once, Belgrade is a city in constant evolution, future-oriented, without changing its authentic "spirit" and with an eternal optimism. The project is a remarkable challenge, since Belgrade has had no major projects in the cultural sector recently. The project was initiated by the love of people for their city, aware of Belgrade's potential and the fact that "culture and art can transform a society and a country"; they are motivated to make this challenge a chance to change the image of their city and region, showing its wealth and creativity. 


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