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Always further – Augmented dance

Augmented reality…

Augmented reality does not only apply to Smartphones apps, GPS or other technologies. Once again, art diverts existent techniques using them for creation.

Augmented reality, which aims at introducing virtual elements at the real world, provides the spectator a total immersion in a new environment.

This technology has already been used in the field of digital art: musicians doing the promotion of their albums, publishers creating new ways to read, artists presenting innovative visions…

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… dedicated to artistic performance

Today, it is the choreographers which openly mix the new technologies world and artistic performance, offering to the spectators a new conception of the dance world, always more lively.


Few projects…

Expressive Footwear for Computer – Augmented Dance Performance

Joseph A. Paradiso and Eric Hu, two researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory have created in 1997, the first shoe allowing to capture dancers movements and transcript them on digital tablet.

Details of the project:


Make the line dance

The collaboration of 1024 Architecture and Kinect creates a augmented dance performance, new in its kind. Thanks to the captors positioned on the dancer, a tracking allows to synchronize his movements and project them on a screen. This technology generates a real-time graphic visuals synchronized with the performance.

Website of the project :


Kaiju of the Compagnie Shonen

The price of the office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse (OFGJ), partner of the Festival International des Arts Numériques of Enghien-les-Bains, has been awarded in 2010 to the creation  Kaiju (formerly Salomon), of the compagnie Shonen. A hip-hop dancer, equipped by movements’ captors, moves around a virtual shadow, which graphic becomes real, changes its appearance, interact with the public…


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Picture : credit Jonathan Melgar