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Always Further - 'Art Game' – playing with art and digital technologies by Léo Caillard

While cultural contents are increasingly digitalized, the role of technical processes and devices tends to make more sense, in the perspective of preserving and spreading cultural contents or simply to allow a better access to them. Digital devices now appear as concrete ways of promoting culture locally as much as internationally. By offering new ways of perceiving culture, these everyday objects also make possible the re-discovery and reinterpretation of emblematic sites, of classical artworks or major heritage’s symbols. Linking these multiple dimensions, fostering their interaction and presenting a reflection deeply anchored in the topical social context are among the issues raised by Léo Caillard’s photographs. 

In his cycle « Art Game », the artist poses the question of the place of the “virtual” and movement, characteristic of modern technologies and information flows conveyed, within the concrete and fixed museum’s environment – here the Louvre Museum. Are the freedom and flexibility offered by those new devices such as Smartphone, digital pads or mp3 players, compatible with traditional cultural habits and social frameworks? How could the viewer play with the diversity of supports and artworks to appropriate them and making them part of the History, beyond the virtual memory? As many questions present in Léo Caillard’s work, which by confronting painting and design, modernity and heritage, rethinks the opportunities offered by our digital era to create, broadcast or simply consume cultural contents. 




Credits: Léo Caillard