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Always Further - Adopt an e-book, save a manuscript !

indian bookstoreIn India, the project « adopt an e-book », concerned about conservation and preservation of ancient Indian literature, has been launched lately. The online bookstore BookGanga, initiator of the project, embarks on the digitization of old manuscripts, asking consumers for a small contribution.

In an interview he gave to  Times of India, Mandar Joglekar, founder of Bookganga, explained that “most of these ancient books and manuscripts are in dilapidated condition. Their maintenance is either not possible or is a very costly. So we thought of the idea of converting them into ebooks.”

How to participate? Just select a book on your own or from a list of manuscripts suggested by BookGanga. You will have to pay the cost of converting the book into ebook and after his digitalization, in Pune or the United States, the manuscript will be available online, naming his parent.

"Some government institutions are working on these lines but there are lots of manuscripts, so converting them into the digital format is a huge task." In effect, it is almost 40 000 literary pieces that BookGanga wants to digitalize. "So we have decided to involve the public in this project" said Mandar Joglekar. "If we increase public participation, besides the government participation, we can preserve the ancient literature for our future generations."

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