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Achieving sustainable development objectives and fighting against ISIS is a single combat for civilization

Web review - 19/06/2015

“Culture is not a goal, but a motor for development, reminds Irina Bokova in a recent interview, because culture, as heritage and creativity, is part of developing the urban environment.

The call for action by the Director-General comes amidst the risks   against cultural heritage by natural catastrophes and politically motivated destructions (like that old city of Sana’a in Yemen or the illegal traffic of Palymre’s treasures). To face this challenges of civilisations, according to her, there must be global mobilisation to promote the sustainable development goals and to combat against the ‘cultural cleansing’ happening under the Islamic State. Same goes for cultural diversity in the next generations.

There are still reasons for hope, volunteer groups are developing innovative concrete and rapid solutions to protect the cultural heritage, or the efforts of Janson Yu et Liyan Hu, to restore the Bamiyan Buddhas back into the Afghani cliff, where they were before they were destroyed by the Talibans en 2001. Small steps against such barbarism, but with a global impact. 

Cartoon by Pascal Gros from Cartooning for Peace: "I don’t really like that, digital art. Annoying to break."

“Culture is one of the most efficient instruments to mobilize different communities” Irina Bokova

The UNESCO general  manager Irina Bokova highlights the crucial role of culture to address two challenges : on the one hand the future sustainable development objectives  (SDO) and on the other hand the ‘cultural cleaning’ held by the Islamic state. 

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Irak-Syria : the furious crusades led by ISIS against cultural heritage

On social media, the jihadist-owned site of Palmyre has represents how heritage destruction has become an instrument of war. According to UNESCO, the protection of such heritage is now “a global battle for humanity as a whole”.

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In the wake of, 3-D Scans are saving Iraq’s cultural heritage

A group of international volunteers are digitally reconstructing the Iraqi monuments that were destroyed. An initiative that could influence the future of museum conservation.

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Digital buddhas regain the Bamiyian cliff in Afghanistan

Destroyed in 2001 by the Talibans, 2 giant statues were reconstructed in 3D using digital imaging.

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The European cultural heritage award given to the restoration of an Armenian church in Turkey

The prize recompenses the fruit of a true collective local effort that restored the principal Armenian church in the south of Turkey. It represents a major act of reconciliation for the city and its inhabitants.

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How to boost a creative ecosystem : example of Île-de-France.

Carine Camors and Odile Soulard paint a precise and exhaustive portrait of creative and cultural industries present in Île-de-France. Their estimate of 500 000 jobs brought by creative services is particularly remarkable.

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