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7.07.2015: The Debates of the Forum d’Avignon – Paris


In partnership with EY

Thursday 7th of July 2015


Debate meeting of the Forum d’Avignon on the theme:

Can a European tax policy boost cultural industries?

at Neuflize OBC Bank,
3 avenue Hoche 75008 – Paris

As part of the theme of the think tank of the Forum d’Avignon for 2015 ‘Culture made in Europe’,

  • Hervé Digne, President of the Forum d’Avignon, Laure Kaltenbach, Managing director of the Forum d’Avignon,
  • Jean-Pierre Lieb and Eric Verron, Partners at EY,
  • Philippe Vayssettes, Chairman of the Board of directors of Neuflize OBC Bank,

Are pleased to invite you to the debate meeting on the following topic:

Can a European tax policy boost cultural industries?


The panorama of cultural tax policies in 18 countries - including 14 countries of the European Union - undertaken by EY as part of its study for the Forum d'Avignon 'For a taxation in the service of a European cultural ambition' shows the absence of liaison and cohesion within European fiscal policies - apart from VAT on cultural goods and services. This heterogeneity, detrimental to creators and cultural sectors which work in several countries, encourages competition and tax optimization with non-measurable effects on job creation.

Can Europe play the "creative continent"’s card without any levers to develop cultural policies, through a fiscal policy based on a shared vision? What balance can be found between the need for a common European tax trunk and the national specific features? Is there a ‘European profile’ which would allow one both to have effective levers between the members of the EU and to be attractive internationally, considering the best practices in each of the countries analyzed?

Putting into perspective the works for the Avignon Forum on 'Tax policies in the cultural sector’ in 2009 (updated in 2010 and 2011), this meeting is the opportunity to discover the first reflections of Jean-Pierre Lieb, Eric Verron and Nicolas Genestier from EY, for a European fiscal framework for the creation and the cultural industry.

So as to discuss it, we will have the great pleasure to hear:







  • Bernard Bacci, Tax Director, Vivendi
  • Pierre de Bethmann, jazz pianist
  • Sophie Breuil, Central Director of Banque Neuflize OBC in charge of the consulting division. Biography
  • Mario d'Angelo, Scientific Director of the Cultural Businesses and Creative Industries Management department of ESC Dijon and Coordinator of the association Idée Europe.
  • Bruno Daniault, Vice President and president of the cinema department of the AFPF (French Association of Film Producers)
  • Alain KouckCEO of Editis Holding. Biography
  • Aton SoumacheProducer and President of Method Animation & Onyx Films