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31.03.2016 : Opening session ‘Enterprising culture’ – Grand-Théâtre of Bordeaux

4:15 - 8 p.m. : Artists, creators, entrepreneurs and leading political figures are meeting to debate and to make proposals for the future of culture! By putting culture in its economic and social context, the theme Enterprising culture reaffirms the singularity of culture and its necessity in an era lacking bearings to build social cohesion within territories and to reinforce peace between nations.  

Convinced that the association of artistic and entrepreneurial cultures has always been productive, the Forum d'Avignon wishes to highlight, with the announcement of the Winners of the Cultural Start-up Award, the most innovative projects combining a strong business model with the promotion of cultural diversity.

The cartoonists of Cartooning for Peace, led by Plantu, will sketch the debates live.

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Photo credit Grand Théâtre