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3 questions to... Bertrand Girin & Nicolas Nguyen, Reputation VIP

Interview with Bertrand Girin and Nicolas Nguyen, co-founders of Reputation VIP.

You founded Reputation VIP and developed the technology Digital FortressTM to help brands and business leaders manage their online reputation. To what extent is this investment a key issue?

In our highly connected society search engines are a company’s window display and the fastest way to make or break a brand’s image. The quality of a brand’s online reputation has become a vital force to ensure its success and its durability. Studies have proven this – when making a purchase, 96% of internet users are influenced by the brand’s online reputation[1].

At Reputation VIP we enable brands to manage their online reputation whilst respecting our professional values - confidentiality, ethics, and excellence. In order to build on these values, the company’s five founding members decided to set up an independent Ethics Committee, from the very outset. This committee is composed of an expert in the digital industry, a teacher specialised in religious matters, a historian, a legal expert and a philosophy student. Its role is to guide Reputation VIP’s strategic direction and ensure that the company’s founding principles and values are respected.

Reputation VIP is also helping to implement the EU’s right to be forgotten legislation. The start-up has developed a free and practical tool called, which enables individuals to exercise their rights both simply and effectively. 

How can businesses and cultural institutions really make a difference to their online reputation?

They can work on several key areas including their website, their social networks, their press relations and their customer relationship management. But the first thing to work on is the very first view a person will get when they make an online search for a brand – Google’s first page of results!

Managing this first contact has become a vital strategic issue. Google has almost 94% of market share in Europe[2] so internet users see brands through the eyes of Google.

Reputation VIP developed Digital FortressTM, a unique technology with excellent results, precisely to meet this need. Within three months, a negative result that has been stuck on Google’s first page for several years can descend into the depths of Google thereby losing its visibility to internet users.

What suggestions would you make to help businesses and cultural institutions negotiate data?

Get the right skills. And know how to recruit people with varied skill sets in order to take in all aspects of today’s data, in terms of reputation. At Reputation VIP 15 people cover the technical side of product development including Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data Mining. But it is vital that we defend the ethical side of data – by drawing up an explicit contract with consumers we can be clear on how their data will be used. Reputation VIP works closely with CNIL (the French National Commission on Information Technology and Civil Liberties) and has chosen an IT and Civil Liberties Correspondent to supervise and standardise data processing.

About Reputation VIP:

Reputation VIP enables brands and business leaders to manage their online reputation.

Through a unique technology, Reputation VIP’s experts assist their clients in the contruction and the protection of their image on Google. Founded in 2012, Reputation VIP has won several awards for innovation (Jeune Entreprise Innovante, Novacité, Rhône Investment fund), and its team is made of 45 members. Reputation VIP also offers online services ( for the management of the right to oblivion.

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