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22/23.06.2015: STARTS Symposium – Brussels

Room Henri Le Bœuf, BOZAR, Brussels

‘Innovation ­­– Working at the nexus between Science, Technology, and the ARTS’. Aiming opportunities for piloting cross-sectorial collaboration to enhance and promote innovation, the European Commission is launching its STARTS –S&T&ARTS program. Its objectives are to:


  • Promote inclusion of artists in H2020 projects
  • Fund residences of artists in technology and of scientists in art institutions.
  • Promote cross-sectorial curricula (technology- the Arts) in higher education

The STARTS symposium will explore the catalytic role of the Arts for innovation in business, industry and society and how to foster it. Possible synergies will be analyzed from an entrepreneurial, technological, scientific, social, and artistic angle. Already existing collaboration of S&T with the Arts in European Commission funded projects will be particularly highlighted.