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2014, crucial year for Europe. Avanti Europe... of culture in particular!

The perspective of European elections in June 2014 implies an historic opportunity for the citizens of the E.U.  The Forum d’Avignon will make proposals to influence the public debate around the European elections of 2014 and take part in the international agenda - renegotiation of the agreements of the WTO, UN 2015 and EU 2020 - so that culture is put at the heart of the discussions and desires of European citizens.

In this regard, the Forum d’Avignon supports the creation of a participatory platform by Europ Nova: Avanti Europe!

Avanti Europe ! : the voice of citizens for a better Europe !

The current moment is critical for the European Union. The ongoing economic and financial crisis and politicians’ failure to resolve it have led citizens to mistrust and question the very foundations of our system. Less enthusiasm for Europe translates into a lack of ambitions by national political leaders.

Avanti Europe !, wants to break this dangerous cycle and establish an online platform to mobilise millions of citizens across the continent on key European issues, using innovative communication campaigns and participative tools.

Our first campaign launched this week calls for solidarity with the people in Greece and a revision of austerity policies in Europe. 



Greece is the symbol of Europe’s problems. It is experiencing an unprecedented level of austerity whose weight is falling unequally upon the people who bear least responsibility for the debt Since 2009 Greece has witnessed a 37% increase in suicide rates, while unemployment rate skyrocketed from 8% to 27%. Another consequence is that the neo-Nazi 'Golden Dawn' is becoming the third biggest political party in the country polling at 12% to 15%.

Greece has made mistakes but the on-going austerity-only policies are not a solution to the crisis. Europe must prevent the situation in Greece from becoming an out-and-out humanitarian catastrophe and make sure that the same remedy is not applied to other weak economies.


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On the 9th of May, the results of this petition will be sent to the Troika and Greek government.