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12.06.2015: Futur en Seine – Paris

In partnership with Cap Digital, the Forum d'Avignon deals with the following topic: « Has the Internet taken control over cultural economics ? »

Conference in « Fourastié » Lecture Hall at CNAM - Paris – in order to debate, two sessions led by the Forum d’Avignon and sketched by Cartooning for Peace.

The intense history of cultural and digital economics offers the best: an incredible mingling of creative audience, innovation and creative heritage, the access to an unlimited and various knowledge, to works and services accessible everywhere at any time... and the worst: mass piracy that has impoverished creation, aborted projects, and broken the chain of value reinvestment, not to mention the reduction of works of art, confined to the status of "loss leader-contents", services or equipment, or of economic and customs equivalence ... all-in-one marginalizing the conscience, the freedom and History provided by culture, well beyond its nominal value.

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Session 1 : June 12th – 3:00pm – 5:00pm : The place of authors and artists within the digital single market

The aim is neither to redo the eternal debate on the Quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns, nor to oppose the artists with the digital world or copyright with consumer rights, it is rather to question the true place (and the true compensation) of authors, which is a vital issue so as to invest in tomorrow’s creation, to foster both their emergence and the integration of creative generations, and to feed the development of territories.

Among the speakers confirmed:

Session 2: June 12th – 5:00pm – 7:00pm : The remuneration of the artist in the digital age

With the digital technologies – a source of immediacy, hyperchoice and innovation - culture is now "consumed" and valued differently. Under the combined effect of the abundance of works, of the questioning of the value chain and of the growing value of consumers’ use data, the traditional financing scheme based on a single source of income and valued by a unique business model - the consumer with a unit payment for a given work - has given way to schemes which put together different sources and revenue models.

True to its vocation of think tank in the service of culture, the Forum d'Avignon associates to this panel - which will begin with an analysis by the consulting firm Kurt Salmon - artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, and institutional players on hybridization in terms of funding sources of creation. The challenge is to introduce practices that promote the emergence of a new creative generation and foster the development of territories.

Debate introduced by Kurt Salmon on its study "Towards a necessary hybridization of funding models to support and promote culture"

Among the speakers confirmed:

  • Yves Michaud, philosopher, author of ‘Narcisse et ses avatars’ (2014)
  • Maud Franca, director in charge of the digital technologies, BPI Future Investment Program - Caisse des dépôts
  • Pascal Keiser, Technocité, Mons 2015
  • Guillaume de Fondaumière, General manager at Quantic Dream, President of the National Union of gaming (SNJV)
  • Laurence Le Ny, Head of Music and Culture Content at Orange
  • Marc Mossé, Director of Legal and Public Affairs, Microsoft France / Vice-president, Renaissance Numérique
  • Philippe Pestanes,Associate Strategy, Telecom, Media & Entertainment of Kurt Salmon

About Futur en Seine 2015 : “Putting back human into technology”, curator: Eric Scherer*

Created by Cap Digital** in 2009, Futur en Seine is a 10-day long international festival that presents every year the latest French and international digital innovations to professionals and general public.

For its sixth edition, the festival will take place from June 11th to June 21st in the Paris Region.

The Futur en Scène’s Village of innovations is established at the heart of the Arts et Métiers neighborhood, between the CNAM, the Gaîté Lyrique and the Square Emile Chautemps. It lasts four days from June, 11th to June, 14th, and is made up of conferences, workshops, business, and exhibitions dedicated to innovation and digital transformation.

* Director of prospective at France Televisions and media expert for more than 25 years.

** Cap Digital is the cluster for digital transformation.